Listening Tour

Queensland Coal Communities Listening Tour

About November 13, 2008

Six Degrees held a listening tour of central Queensland in November 2008 to develop an understanding of the key issues and concerns of people who are dependent on or affected by the coal industry, and how together we can accommodate these concerns as we seek to address climate change and move towards a sustainable economy.

We held ‘listening posts’ and a public meetings around Central and Southern Queensland. At these gatherings we invited local people to share their perspectives on coal and climate change in their community.

Trained researchers listened, without judgement or debate, and then took the learnings from these conversations and shared these findings at public meetings across Queensland.

The results of the Listening Tour were compiled into a research report available here.

The Tour informed an ongoing campaign run by Six Degrees. The website for this campaign can be found here.

The participants in the Coal Communities Listening Tour

The participants in the Coal Communities Listening Tour


Emma Brindal

English Teacher and climate justice campaigner for Friends of the Earth

Hannah French

Environmental Management Student

Paul Hood

Painter and long time environmental and social justice advocate

Emily James

Graduate in Community Development.

Gemma Schuch

Graduate in Environmental Planning

Bradley Smith

PhD Candidate in Physics

Eleanor Smith

Environmental Management Student

Shani Tager

Arts/Law Student

Kristy Walters

Environmental Management Student


All participants of the tour are volunteers and are covering most of the tour costs themselves. We have had generous donations from well wishers and Girffith University to cover the costs of venue hire and incidentals along the way. Donations for this tour and our ongoing work are always gratefully received. Contact Emma Brindal 0411084727